The timber milling team’s equipment level is basic and consists on a trailer with an electric powered winch plus a few steel cables. Using this gear augmented by two lever bars, a chain saw and manpower the milling team has been harvesting logs from various properties throughout the Sunshine Coast for some years. Some of the logs have individually exceeded 1000kg.

At the milling site a Lucas sawmill is used to cut the logs into slabs or lumber prior to being set on pallets for drying. All the moving, lifting, carrying and stacking is done by manpower. The horizontal chain saw of the Lucas mill is powered by a petrol motor but the movement of the saw through the timber is by manpower. Recently a small tractor became available and has been modified to assist in handling logs and cut timber.

A stock of timber is available for purchases at the clubhouse, phone (07) 5442 6995 for more information.