Club Membership

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Types of membership

The Club has three types of membership – Life, Honorary and Ordinary.

Life and Honorary members are appointed by the Club’s Management Committee.  All other members are classified ‘Ordinary member’.

Joining fee

All applicants are required to pay a $20 joining fee when submitting their application.

This fee is additional to the membership fee.

Annual membership fees

The Club’s membership year is 1 April to 31 March.  Ordinary members’ membership lapses at 31 March of each year.

The Club’s annual membership fee is currently (March 2023) $60 and needs to be paid before 1 April to remain financial.

For people joining through the year, the annual membership fee component of the total fees to be paid on joining is pro-rated (by quarter) to account for the 31 March deadline.  Refer to the Membership Application Form for the pro-rating.  

Name tag

On joining the new member is issued with a name tag.  This name tag is to be worn at all times when at the Club or attending a Club-organised event.

Application form

The application form has two components.  Page 1 provides an overview of the Club, how it operates and what the Club expects from its members.  Page 2 is the Application Form.  

Instructions on completing and submitting the form are provided in the Form.

It is important that you pay the $20 joining fee plus the pro-rated annual fee either before or at the time you submit your application.

The incorporated associations legislation requires each application to have a proposer and a seconder from the Club.  The Club will arrange these signatures.

Click here for the Application Form.


Please contact the Club’s Membership Officer at for any assistance or clarification you may require.