Club Membership

Everyone is wellcome young or old with a love for wood, we’re here to help

The Cooroora Woodworkers Club operates as a not-for-profit but we do charge a modest fee for annual membership. Every cent of our fees goes back into the club. Our aim is to provide a place where people with a shared interest in working with a beautiful natural material—wood—can enjoy each other’s company, learn from others, and share our own knowledge and experience.

We are fortunate to have a renovated old Queensland building as our clubhouse, where members can get together for a cuppa and a chat or display their work. The clubhouse is open on Monday to Friday mornings, from 9-12 a.m. A volunteer Duty Officer is present in the clubhouse each day to greet visitors and deal with phone calls and sales, and to assist other members.

More information on the history of the clubhouse and our other facilities can be found in our Club History page.