Constitution, policies and procedures

The Club operates under a regulator-approved Constitution supported by detailed policies and procedures.

The Club is an incorporated association under Queensland legislation.  Our regulator is the Commissioner of the Office of Fair Trading.  The Club operates under a regulator-approved Constitution which is a slightly modified version of the ‘model rules’ published by the regulator.  To improve clarity, enhance transparency and provide an accountability framework, we have defined policies and procedures for several operational areas including health and safety, machine accreditation, duties of office bearers, member code of conduct and complaints handling.

A copy of the Constitution is available on request.


The Club has a sound financial track record based on detailed financial management processes and procedures.

The Club operates a bank account with Bendigo Bank.  Expenditure of Club funds is controlled by defined spending limits for specific types of expenditure (e.g. machine maintenance) and in the case of the acquisition of new equipment or a totally new type of expenditure, approval by the Club’s Management Committee. 

Main sources of revenue for the Club are membership fees, timber sales, fund raising activities and grants.

The Club’s accounts are audited annual, in accordance with the incorporated associations legislation.

Meetings and running the Club

A Management Committee runs the Club day-to-day.  Bi-monthly General Meetings allows members to be briefed on Club activities and ask the Management Committee questions on any aspect of the Club’s operation.