President's Chatter

G’day reader,

Time goes fast when you are having fun! So they say! It is already April and our AGM is just 2 months away – on Sat., 12th June. As usual, all positions on the Management Committee will be declared vacant in the leadup and nominations will be called. Please consider as there will positions to be filled with current roleholders not returning.

Whilst asking members to volunteer, there are a couple of spots on the 2021 Show Committee as it is still to have an initial meeting for this year. I would love to hear from you by any means- in the next week would be good!

The Easter holiday parking has been a focus for the past few weeks. Parts A & B of the roster have been completed, only Part C – the next 2 long weekends to go. Look for the next Update – later this week - to find a shift you could fill. To all those who have completed parking shifts – my sincere thanks for your generosity.

We are looking at completing an internal club refurbishment over the remainder of the year. The plans are on the whiteboard in the clubhouse please check them out and have your say. We will be looking at a grant to cover these costs. Over the next month , an altered layout of the Kilns will be put into place. This will make the workflow a little more efficient when we take on the next Noosa Open Studios deckchair project.
Our club apparel has been finalized. The aprons are in stock and will be on sale by the week’s end. The cap and club polo designs are complete and are currently being manufactured.

I am hoping in time for the AGM.
Projects wise – Alan Warner has revitalized a Cooroy Rag newspaper stand and John Esson and his crew have completed the 2 outdoor benches for the Japanese Gardens at the Katie Rose Hospice. Handover will be shortly. Many thanks to the fantastic efforts of those members involved.
CR paper stand

Check out Mike Mitchell’s Laughter activity coming soon!

Please keep in mind the health and well being of some of our members and their families.
Be kind to one another and smile!

Please take care, smile and stay calm!

Who's Who...

  1. President - Steve Chapman
  2. Vice President - Lew Macleod
  3. Secretary - Jim Stevenson
  4. Treasurer - Alan Richard-Preston
  5. Membership Officer - Jeff Fraser
  6. Health & Safety Officer - Lew Macleod
  7. Workshop Supervisor - Howard Croft
  8. Milling Supervisor - Andrew Barnsley

What's Inside

  • Rosters
  • Maker's forum No.2 - 8th May
  • What's going on around us.
  • Workshop Report
  • Treasurer Report
  • Milling Report

Clubhouse Duty Officer Roster

John Sturtz

Robert Herron

Billi Jan Campbell

Damon Gore

Vicky Breedyk

Steve Chapman

Workshop Duty Office Roster

Jeff Fraser (0458 331 286)

Lew MacLeod (0409 000 210)

Ron Otte (0414 225 897)

Howard Croft (0429 872 833)

Alan Bartley (07 5442 6491)

Saturday -
Alan Warner (07 5447 7761)
(0407 132 892)

Workshop Hours

The workshop kilns hours are Monday to Saturday 9am to 12 noon.

New Members

Kerry Rutter
David Hughes
Rhiley James-Hughes
Chris Norlander
Jason Petty
Michael Clarke
Char Larocca
Bryce Whight
Bob Ward
Mark Horn
Donna Horn
David Campin
Jono Robertson
Greg Cramb

Makers’Forum No 2. 8th May

After the unbridled success of our initial Makers Forum in March, it is only three weeks away to Number 2 on Saturday, 8th May.

We had 24 members present at the March Forum with 12 Makers presenting. These were all posted to our club’s Facebook page.

Bring in that piece you have put time into --finished or not!
Just fill in the Makers Forum sheets available – prior to the starting time of 9am.
As a special treat, we are instigating the Stick of Wood Challenge.

Stick of Wood Challenge:

The rules for the SoW Challenge are:
  • The CWC provides Sticks of Wood in a single species.
  • The participants in the challenge purchase a stick.
  • They then make a piece of woodcraft out of that one stick.
  • It is preferable if the entire length is used
  • No other wood is to added
  • All sorts of fasteners are able to be used; i.e. glue, biscuits, dowels etc.
  • Any hardware necessary to complete the project is allowed
  • Any finish is allowed; i.e. lacquer, paint etc.
  • Pieces will be judged at the next Makers Forum.
  • An appropriate prize will be awarded
  • You may consider donating the made product to the CWC for sale!
We would hope that many members will take this opportunity to show what a diverse lot we are.


Annual fees are now due. Please note that if you are not a financial member you are not covered under the insurance.


From this to That!

Looking for something to do on the May long weekend when you are not doing a parking shift?

What: Woodwork – Tubestock to Timber

When: One day only! May 2, 8am to 3pm

Where: The Woodies Shed, 230-238 Balmoral Road, Montville

(next to the Montville Sportsground).

The Blackall Range Woodcrafters Guild are holding a one day only in conjunction with Barung Landcare. Local plants, books and woodcraft items highlighting the Blackall Range area. Our stall will certainly illustrate the theme “From this to this!” - lovely healthy tubestock that given half a chance will grow into trees for timber.

Event Entry is free.


Laughter, it is said, "is the best Medicine!"
Lots of worldwide studies openly support this statement.

Laughter can only make you happy. Try feeling sad whist you are laughing. Impossible.

Michael Mitchell facilitated laughter sessions for over 10 years whilst living on Cronulla NSW.

The opportunity exists to bring laughter to members of CWC.

A laughter session typically lasts for 15 - 20 minutes and actively involves all participants.
We wish to gauge the interest of any club members wishing to participate in a laughter session.

Please respond to this request if you would be interested in attending a laughter session, by sending an email to the club’s email address:


Lots of new machines and tools have arrived in the kilns in recent months, the new Makita biscuit jointer is in the cupboard under the metal vice in Bay 3 and the new lathes have arrived including a sit-down lathe for members who are unable to stand and tenoning jigs for the Woodman saw. Many thanks to Jeff for coordinating the purchase of our new lathes and the team who assisted in their unloading and installation. The sunny skies highlighted the new shiny lathes and put a smile on everyone’s faces, especially Jeff.
The Hammer Jointer/Thicknesser is out of square and the Felder Field Technician is booked out until after Easter. Peter, the technician will be coming up from Brisbane to service the machine in the next few weeks. Until then it is unable to flatten large slabs.

Please remember that one of our club rules is to clean up after yourself, it is disappointing is see 20-liter bins overflowing, long offcuts (some nearly 3 meters long) placed in 20-liter bins. If a small bin is full, empty it, if you have long offcuts, dock them into wheelie bin size and even better put the offcut into wheelie bin (ensuring you can close the lids). Coming into the kilns, no one should be greeted by an untidy workspace. In the dust extraction room, the spare bags for wood offcuts and clear plastic wood shaving bags can be found on the wall. To all the members who vacuum and clean after yourselves, many thanks. I often see members cleaning areas that require cleaning even though they did not work there, to those members a special thank you from Howard, it makes looking after the workshop much easier and a nicer place to while away some hours.
Great to see the 101 courses up and running in the new year. Sandra and Penny have completed their first project with Ian. More 101 courses are coming soon including a night 101 course. Keep tuned to emails for expressions of interest in upcoming courses. 101 courses are a great way to gain experience and accreditation on our workshop machines.


The Club’s financial year ended on 31 March 2021 and our end of year results are in.

Our revenue for the year was $78,516.03. After the deduction of expenses we were left with a nett profit of $41,336.58.

Major sources of income for the club for the year included timber sales of $30,010.40 and a total of $25,538.24 from Noosa Lions Park parking duty.

As at 31 March our trading account had a balance of $11,002.87, our savings account had a balance of $52,087.73 and together with $300.00 petty cash our cash at hand was $63,390.60.

All indications are that the Noosa Lions Park parking duty will continue into the future and together with timber sales and our other regular sources of income, our finances should to remain in a strong position.


The slabber has been busy early in the month slabbing camphor and silky oak which is now in storage at Johnson Court. No slabbing was done last week because of low turnout of members and wet weather. Camphor and silky oak will be slabbed next.

The swing mill has been cutting blackbutt in various sizes for the construction of new workbenches for the workshop in the future.

Further repairs were done to the middle storage shed to prevent rainwater leaking in.

Silky Oak logs were collected from Cooroy and Eumundi. There are more silky oaks to collect from Pomona and bloodwood from Doonan

On Thursday James Duffy did the annual maintenance on the Job cat, including changing the engine and hydraulic oil including filters, repairing fuel leaks, adjusting the handbrake and a lubrication of all grease points. He will fit a new air cleaner shroud when it arrives.

Milling a tree for St Andrew’s Anglican College Peregian Springs. The college has had to fell a magnificent sugar gum that is in the way of a school development. We have now taken delivery of the main tree trunk and will cut slabs and sawn timber from it to be returned to the school for use by the woodwork students to make some permanent structures to be installed at the school. Outdoor furniture, signage, cabinetry, and the like will remain at the school as a memento of this magnificent specimen.

Andrew Barnsley

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